What Ninepipe Arts Group is involved with:

Fine Arts Camp – For more than a decade we have offered an annual four-day Fine Arts Camp in Charlo, for a nominal fee. Thanks to the dedication of many local artists and volunteers, we have enrolled 55 to 70 children each year. Since budget cuts have slashed art programs in schools, our art camp has become even more valuable, and serves as a primary component of art education for local children.

Missoula Children’s Theater (MCT) – We sponsor the annual MCT program in Charlo, and have helped support the MCT in St. Ignatius when needed. This Program works with 50-70 local children for one week culminating in a full-scale musical stage production, often attended by an audience of several hundred. Participation is usually maxed-out with students eager to work hard to be part of this performing art experience.

Shakespeare in the Park – We sponsor Shakespeare in the Park every summer at Palmer Park in Charlo, and will be working with getting it in St. Ignatius for 2017. This major, free event draws several hundred people to the area, and is one of our major expenditures. Montana Shakespeare in the Park has been performing for 40 years and we are proud that we facilitate this tradition in our Mission Valley communities.

Student Arts Education Scholarship – We offer a $500 scholarship for a college freshman studying the arts who applies or is nominated by local high school teachers and approved by our board.

Ninepipe Arts Group Fundraiser – We host one fundraiser each year around Valentine’s Day. This fun event with live entertainment, custom desserts, and unique art for sale is a highlight of the dark winter months. Members and area artists make themed d├ęcor, prizes, and auction items including original art and local services. Some say it is the best party in the valley!

Support Connection with Nearby Art and Culture – We help our community reach art functions in surrounding areas, such as by helping fund bus trips to art events in Missoula by request fro the community.